Arri Amira

The Arri Amira

We offer an AMIRA package capable of shooting ProRes 422 up to 100FPS. We can also supply equipment that extends the FPS to 200, with the addition of the unlimited looks functions, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and ProRes 422 HQ and Log-C capture.  We are currently awaiting a camera for the complete package to allow up to 2K resolution capture in ProRes 4444, and import of custom 3D LUTs.

The AMIRA is a scaled down ALEXA, it shaves off nearly half its weight and girth, but in the process loses the Alexa’s raw abilities.  This system is better suited to factual work and is designed for single user operation; this is evident by the rotation of the controls on the operating side (the ALEXA utilises the better known dumb side for it’s primarily configuration for ease of use with an assistant).

The Beyond R3D, Arri Amira Shooters Kit*

Need more?… Need less?  Drop us a line or give us a call, we can craft a bespoke package.  As a minimum our typical Shooter kit includes:

  • 1 x ARRI Amira camera body
  • 1 x ARRI Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)
  • 4 x 32GB SxS Card Storage (17 mins at 4:2: 25p mode)
  • 4 x PAG L95 Gold Mount (Dionic 90 batteries)
  • 1 x Anton Bauer 4 way charger
  • 1 x lightweight clip-on  mattebox
  • 1 x Single Wheel Follow Focus kit
  • 15mm & 19mm bars system
  • 1 x Flightcase
  • Cable Support.

A specialist Alexa Camera Assistant can be available if you require support.

* We reserve the right to vary the package whilst maintaining the same or better functionality.


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