Cinematography & Crewing

Looking for an experienced DoP, DIT or Camera Operator?  Maybe you need a talented Steadicam/B Camera operator for your production.  Contact us for details of our crew links and connections.  We don’t only supply camera equipment, we can take the hard work out of putting together the very best crew for your budget.  More details here.

Steadicam Services

Our sister site, can help you.  With access to some of the very best equipment in the industry, SteadiOp can help raise your production values far beyond those traditionally available.  Ask about the SteadiSeg (a specially modified, foot controlled Segway) or the MK-V AR Revolution (one of only two in the UK).

The Third Dimension (3D)

We are privileged not just to have worked on a number of Stereoscopic 3D productions, but we also have experience of 3D production for Holographic display using the SeeReal Holographic 3D system.  Want some  help with your production?  Need a trained Stereographer or 3D camera technician or operator?  Contact us.

Moving Camera

Are you after a high speed chase sequence?  Want a car mounted camera system?  We have exceptional support equipment available from our inventory to help you secure the very best high speed sequences.  Whether you need access to a SteadiSeg, Rickshaw or a Flyka Electric Dolly or you want to book a vehicle mounted Extreme Arm, get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.  We have an SRT8 Shot-maker which is equipped with a 6.1 Hemi engine good for super car acceleration and is finished in anti reflective matte black.

Production Support – LATAM & Spain

Are you putting together a production which requires authentic location based shots in Latin America and Spain?  We have the necessary contacts and network to support you achieve the very best.

Our location support extends to on the ground local production staff in many Latin American Countries and also in Spain and Portugal.  Contact us for more details.


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SteadiOp Steadicam ServicesSteadiOp Steadicam ServicesSteadiOp Steadicam ServicesSteadiOp Steadicam ServicesSteadiOp Steadicam ServicesSteadiOp Steadicam Services