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How to Light and Frame for the Best Interview Ever: Part II – New York

Whether you work with a director of photography or set up and shoot your own interviews, How to Light and Frame for the Best Looking Interview Ever will give you the tools you need. Combining discussion and hands-on practice, the workshop covers how to maximize your location, how to light the interviewee to best effect, how to set up the camera, and how to make the right decisions on set that will positively affect the edit.

“How To Light & Frame For The Best Looking Interview Ever – Part II” is the next step in your hands-on learning experience with Director of Photography Rick Siegel. This intimate workshop (only 9 participants allowed) builds on the lessons learned in Part I and gives everyone in-depth, hands-on experiences with several different lighting/framing set-ups.

The class is divided into rotating crews of a Director, DP and Gaffer – so everyone gets to set the camera and lighting themselves. Each crew will be tasked to set up and light one of three different interview situations. We’ll then discuss the camera and lighting choices that each configuration provides. Through hands-on experience we’ll explore the unique challenges and solutions for each particular interview. The goal is to provide a working knowledge of the camera and lighting techniques revealed so that you can create the best looking interview ever.

A few of the topics that we’ll cover in Part II:

  • Where to set up the interview in any given space?
  • What set elements support the interviewee’s story?
  • How to decide on where to place a camera, how to choose a lens and what filter to use?
  • What lighting style to use? We’ll explore hard or soft light, creative shadow work and use of color.
  • What are the best cosmetic lens, lighting and filter choices?
  • How sensor size, ƒ-stop and depth of field choices affect the …read more

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