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Canon C100 Workshop – New York

Canon’s C100 Cinema EOS camera continues the tradition of the Canon aesthetic that was popularized with the 5D. Built upon the technology and design of the C300, this newest member of the Cinema EOS family has been designed from the ground up for professional video use, and AbelCine has designed this workshop to really show what these cameras can do. This all-day workshop covers the many functions of the C100, including detailed instruction on camera operation, lens choice, production techniques, and aftermarket accessories. Emphasis is on developing an understanding of the camera sensor, recording format, lens choice, menu systems, and color profile creation.

In the first half of the course, AbelCine trainers will give a full introduction to the C100 including: sensor specifics, recording formats, output options, menu systems, assignable functions, and basic color control.

Taking this knowledge, the course will continue with practical shooting examples, give an in-depth look at the camera’s workflow, custom picture profiles, and the Canon Log shooting mode. The second half of the day will be spent on developing and fully understanding the complexities of creating a look with the C100 as well as working with AVCHD in post-production.

Anyone who purchases a C100 from AbelCine may attend the full workshop for free. Request a coupon for free access to this workshop below. Limited one spot per order.

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